Regional climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and climate policy
Katharine Hayhoe - CEO

Data analysis and visualization, computer systems management
Jeff Van Dorn - Research Scientist

Hydrology, water resources, snowpack modeling
Edwin Maurer - Research Associate

Bioclimatology, human-climate interactions
Lawrence Kalkstein - Research Associate

Impacts of temperature extremes on human health, development of Heat Watch-Warning Systems
Scott Sheridan - Research Associate

Educational and outreach materials related to climate change and physical science
Christina Hayhoe - Research Associate

Ecology, global change, and impacts on human societies
Julia Verville - Research Associate

Air pollution-climate interactions, air pollution impacts, biofuels
Vaishali Naik - Research Associate



Lawrence Kalkstein - Research Associate
Bioclimatology, human-climate interactions

Larry is a bioclimatologist who specializes on the impact of variable climate upon human health and well-being. He is a Senior Research Professor at the University of Miami's Department of Geography and Regional Studies, and President of the International Society of Biometeorology. With colleagues, he has developed the latest generation of heat/health warning systems for the National Weather Service, and has worked with governments in Italy, Canada, and China to do the same for those countries. Larry is also interested in weather indices to describe the impact of extreme conditions on humans and other animals and plants, and the possible impacts of a climate change. His research in bioclimatology has been funded by NOAA, the U.S. EPA, the Forest Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, the World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations, and other public, private, and international organizations.

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